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Show Me Air Chapter of the Association of Civilian Technicians
Welcome to Show Me Air Chapter of the Association of Civilian TechniciansA.C.T. Chapter 93
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    Bob Francis

    Bob Weber

    -- Treasurer--
    Christopher McFatridge



    Joshua Cantrell
    Stephan Capkovic
    Robert Francis III
    Randy Gagnon
    Chris Mattingly
    Jim Porter
    Brian Freeman (St. Louis)


    Next Meeting

    Our next meeting will beThursday Feb 27th
    Day shift meeting at 11am-12pm
    Swing shift meeting 4pm-5pm building 3006 upstairs conf room.
     We will be having pizza this time around.

    Know Your Rights
    See below.

    Weingarten Rights

    “Weingarten Rights” are Union Member protection rights that were handed down by the United States Supreme Court.

    If called into a meeting with management and the meeting could in any way lead to your being disciplined or terminated, or affect your personal working conditions, inform management that you request that your Union Representative or Steward be present at the meeting. Until your representative arrives, explain that you choose not to participate in their discussion. THE EMPLOYEE MUST MAKE CLEAR TO ASK FOR UNION REPRESENTATION BEFORE OR DURING THE MEETING.

    The employee cannot be punished for making this request. If the Employer denies this request and continues to question, it commits an UNFAIR LABOR PRACTICE, which is a violation of Federal law, and the employee has a right to refuse to answer.

    The employer may not discipline employees for such a refusal.

    Brookhaven Warnings

    Brookhaven Warnings
    An employee, before being interviewed by management in preparation for an arbitration hearing, is entitled to certain safeguards.  The safeguards is to reduce the coercive impact of employer interrogations.  Warnings that must be givien before the inter view are:
    a.  Inform the employee who is to be questioned of the purpose of the questioning.
    b.  Assure the employee that no reprisal will take place if he or she refuses and obtain the employee's participation on a voluntary basis.
    c.  Questioning must take placed in context the is not coercive.
    d.  Questions mus not exceed the legitimate scope of inquiry or otherwiseses interfere with employee's statutory rights.


    There isn't a Biggest Story for Today, yet.

    The Office of Personnel Management (OPM)


    Random Headlines

    Court Rulings that affect you!
    [ Court Rulings that affect you! ]

    ·Weingarten Rights
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    ·Military Leave: Claims outside of the six year limit!
    · U.S. Barred From Forcing Troops to Get Anthrax Shots
    ·Did you use Military Leave in November of 1998?
    ·Military Leave Ruling Members Letter

    Contact Us


    Our Phone Numbers:
    FAX (888) 559-6536

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